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Black theater is an educational device, as valid as an aid to the learning process as schools.  It allows Black people and the public in general to understand the many aspects of the Black psyche -- behavior and motivations in an uncensored and non-stereotypical form.

Background of DCBR

In 1971, the DC Black Reportory Company became Washington's premier Black cultural institution.  In those days of infancy, the company, popularly known as "the Rep" struggled to institutionalize Black theater in the nation's capital. It would meet the success in its efforts to create a theatre-going population among Washington's Black residents. Photo from "Day of Absence" by Oggi Oburn. 

Dr. & Mrs. Martin Luther King celebrating NEC and Robert Hooks vision of Black theater.

GALA SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 !!

Join us as we celebrate the DC Black Repertory Company and its founders Robert Hooks, Vantile Whitfield, Bernice Reagon and others who made contributions to Black Theater.  "It takes a village..."  Dr. & Mrs. Martin Luther King , Jr. at the Negro Ensemble Theater in NY celebrate Robert Hooks bringing Black theater to America.

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